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Our Team

25 team members in 4 offices with a united purpose. We are Go Media.

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Meet The Team

Mike Gray

Director / Auckland

Michael Gray was told he was wasting his money pioneering NZ OOH advertising from 1994. His beach-side home on Waiheke suggests otherwise. A football fanatic, Mike approaches business with collected patience and a team-focused mindset. Go Media’s founding director was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2000, an accomplishment that pales in comparison to his back-to-back Mr Whitiroa pageantry titles.

Dean Shaw

Director / Palmerston North

From pasting up posters at 16, to self-taught billboard installations, Go Media is the result of a twenty year hustle for Manawatu born and bred, Dean. Obsessive to the point of annoying his family, Dean loves what he does today just as much as when he first started. Dean’s "escape" from work is music; he plays in a number of cover bands including fronting a Springsteen tribute show.

Andrea Rongonui

Director / Auckland

Andrea has been a part of Go since the word, well, Go. Co-owner with her husband Mike and a fierce entrepreneur, Andrea’s focus is on sustainability and Iwi whanaungatanga. She has been in the game since 5g was dial-up and POPs were hard copies. Outside of work, Andrea prioritises her whānau on Waiheke Island, where she also operates a corporate wellness retreat.

Simon Teagle

Management / Auckland

Simon will tell you the industry isn’t what it used to be – but that hasn’t dulled a 25-year love affair with advertising. He still loves the thrill of the chase and although a career in motor-racing didn’t materialise, he is still the driving force behind Go. Simon is the eyes and ears of the business, and when it comes to karaoke, the voice as well.

Cassandra Albert

Operations / Christchurch

A tech-savvy, Negroni-loving hippy yoga instructor, our sassy Cassy is a mix of contradictions. She heads up our ops team and is often the chief facilitator of getting stuff done. Cass has her fingers in everything from software development and commercial contracts to project management and event planning. One of our longest serving staff members, she considers herself part of the Go Media archives.

Parris Downey

Digital / Auckland

“Head of digital” doesn’t scratch the surface when it comes to the capabilities of Parris, Go Media’s digi wizard. His ability to hack the Pentagon is used sparingly, teaching programmatic and then, just for fun, teaching it again. A curious mix of technical proficiency, data-driven sales solutions and poor spelling, Parris’s talents also include shredding the guitar, never being hungover and being as cool as a cucumber.

Kondal Mothe Kondal Mothe

Kondal Mothe

Finance / Auckland

Results-driven senior finance manager Kondal could and should be the tightest in the company and rumour has it he reuses dental floss. Raised in a business family, Kondal developed a passion for numbers early on. With sustainability at the front of his mind, Kondal’s daily stroll to work counter-acts all the time he spends in the kitchen. Quiet and calculated, Kondal brings humility and balance to the workplace.

Isabella Dervan

Marketing / Auckland

Combining marketing knowledge with an absurd amount of screen time, Isabella works hard to maintain B2B and B2C relationships both online and offline. When she isn’t navigating her way through an extensive to-do list, Isabella is off adventuring with Harley the Cavoodle. She is also a master of short-term hobbies, kickboxing this week and roller-skating the next.

John Orfanos

Sales / Auckland

Business Development Manager and Go Media freshman John Orfanos’s brief is to nurture and expand the Auckland direct portfolio. John enjoys arts and design, American sports, and the great outdoors; having already ticked off the Routeburn, Milford, and Abel Tasman tracks. But nothing compares to reaching the summit of ‘Mt Out Of Home’ where John is always ready to hoist the Go Media flag.

Jude Taylor

Sales / Wellington

Jude is the mother to five Border Collies, so a walk in the park really isn’t a walk in the park. With her hands full at home, she has taken to the agency workload like a dog to a bone, calling on over thirty years of media experience. Having completed Tanzanian Safaris, exotic dive trips, and polar bear spotting, Jude’s full focus is now with the client.

Tonica Cassie-Alatini

Sales / Auckland

If 70% of the earth is covered by water, the rest is covered by Tonica. Leaving no stone unturned, our Auckland direct sales rep is no stranger to new experiences. Living abroad, fluent in Japanese, and well-versed in espresso martinis, the Auckland sales rep is full of surprises, possessing adaptability and an understanding for the 09 like no other.

Tyler Christie

Sales / Auckland

Go Media newbie, Tyler, arrives with oodles of experience after a 7-year stint in the industry. His official title is Agency Account Manager but a few alternative LinkedIn titles might include; DJ, soon-to-be Ironman, and solo cat dad. Despite a full schedule, Tyler orchestrates an hourly quiz and hits the trifecta when it comes to building OOH campaigns with experience on agency, supplier, AND client sides.

Rocky Rowland Rocky Rowland

Rocky Rowland

Sales / Palmerston North

Rocky is nothing if not thorough, she has mastered the art of telling a story in a thousand words when fifty would suffice. Which means, if you like your i's dotted and your t's crossed, Rocky is your go-to gal for a smooth campaign. A dedicated Thespian, she can often be found treading the boards of the local theatres in town.

Hayley Woods

Operations / Christchurch

Hayley has two modes: inside playing Whac-A-Mole with her keyboard, or outside snapping pics for billboard vogue. She found Go Media while searching for “Outdoor Jobs” on Seek and stumbled into outdoor advertising instead. She wears lots of hats – digi guru, graphic designer, software breaker/tester and resident printer whisperer. When not at work, she’s usually climbing a mountain, fawning over her plant children or fueling her sugar addiction.

Cleo Bennett

Sales / Wellington

Cleo is a creative spirit, who never starts her day without a cup of coffee (or three). With interests in music, art, and technology, Cleo is always searching for a new hobby to sink her teeth into. Cleo approaches life with a compassionate and empathetic outlook and strives to ensure that every client is left with a smile on their face.

Larissa Welford

Operations / Christchurch

Larissa is our brand new Digi Ops Coordinator. And with so many new screens going up she’s busier than a busy thing. By day Larissa is a super organised trouble shooting machine. By night she indulges her creative side with pottery and calligraphy. She also loves overseas adventures and her family, not necessarily in that order.

Aleisha Crowder Aleisha Crowder

Aleisha Crowder

Operations / Auckland

Aleisha is our resident goody-two shoes, and by far the politest member of the ops team. She genuinely uses the phrases “tickety boo” and “easy peasy”. Aleisha is a hybrid bus-boss/digital deliverer. She loves all things orderly and is frequently triggered by Hayley’s messy desk. When not at work she loves hosting game nights with friends and planning her next overseas adventure.

Sophie Kemp

Operations / Christchurch

Sophie aka Sophie Kmart is our office Nana. If you are what you wear, then Sophie is best described as colourful and fluffy. She keeps our OOH billboard machine well-oiled, coordinating static operations and sharing the digital load. Sophie is a professional procrastinator and delayed writing this blurb by fixing our stationery and enhancing our office Covid policy.

Sophie Williams

Sales / Christchurch

Sophie Williams aka Sophie 2.0 is part of a duo of Sophies in the Christchurch office. She holds the fort when Jason’s off gallivanting with clients and has an insanely soothing phone voice. Sophie keeps her cool no matter what, a skill she learnt while working as a Covid Call Centre Operator. She spends her spare time painting, beaching, or babysitting her family dog Archie.

Jason Burns

Sales / Christchurch

The token y-chromosome of our Christchurch team, Jason spends his days zipping around the city doting on our latest screens and crooning along to The Black Seeds. You know Jason has arrived when you hear him dashing up the stairs with dad jokes in tow. In his spare time you’ll find him at the beach with his fur kids Bella and Joey, and his actual kid Parker.

Sian Gotts

Sales / Auckland

If account management was an Olympic sport, Sian would be a gold medalist. She crushes to-do lists and always ensures value is delivered, and campaign goals are achieved. A virtuoso in relationships, Sian’s main struggle is finding time to sip coffee between client meetings. Sian’s reset button is all things summer. She is fluent in Portuguese and paradise for her is being beach-side in Brazil.

Craig Strachan

Sales / Wellington

Organisational skills must be stored in moustache hair because Craig has both in abundance. He manages the Wellington direct accounts with a finesse gained from years of experience in OOH. A keen lover of sports, outdoors, and comics, Craig displays a youthful zest for life. He believes you should always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman.

Rachel Ferguson

Sales / Palmerston North

A former real estate agent, Palmy’s Rachel understands the value of appealing to the right market at the right time. She can also multitask – a skill useful for balancing client campaigns and motherhood. What free time she has is spent at the court, track, or field as chief parental support unit. Need something done in a hurry? Rachel is receptive to bribes, including, but not limited to, wine.

Katie Ujdur

Sales / Auckland

Beach-basking, fashion-loving Katie is Go Media’s resident agency account manager. Arriving with previous experience in OOH, her seamless transition from client to agency-focused management has been easy for the tech-savvy all-rounder. Audience and insight focused, Katie’s knack for the consumer stems from her extensive experience sampling cocktails. So, whether you’re after results or a good night out, Katie’s got it covered.

Craig Du Plooy

Sales / Christchurch

Supplying his bio in Times New Roman should tell you all you need to know about Craig – stable, mature, and professional. After leaving print publishing 8 years ago, Craig fell in love with outdoor media and enjoys the thrill of helping clients succeed. When he is not focused on developing outdoor media solutions Craig is happiest spending time with his family and two dogs (Bob and Marley), surfing or riding his mountain bikes. And his least favourite film is Marley and Me, for obvious reasons.